Give Your Child a Head Start

Learn about our pre-K program

As a parent, you want what's best for your child. Give them an advantage by signing up for the pre-kindergarten program at Stepping Stones Early Learning Center. Our trained educators will care for your children and help them to interact with others. We know that children can't sit still for long-that's why we've built in time for students to play outside.

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Keep your child's development on-track

Keep your child's development on-track

Socializing is an essential aspect of life. Your child will start learning how to navigate social situations in the pre-kindergarten program at Stepping Stones Early Learning Center.

We begin assessing children at infancy and follow their development to monitor the progression of their:

  • Socialization skills
  • Cognitive development
  • Language development

Keeping track of these skills can help you know if your child is performing at the same level as their peers. If not, we'll offer advice about how to improve your child's development.

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Texas School Ready Program

Stepping Stones Early Learning Center follows the Texas School Ready Program which is a comprehensive preschool teacher training program that combines a research-based, state-adopted curriculum with ongoing professional development and progress monitoring tools.

Our teachers are all enrolled in the program which means that throughout the year they are provided with tools that help them learn more about the specific instructional needs of children in their classrooms to ensure that your child receives the best educational possible.